Know Us

The Old Salt Festival is about people coming together to support the art of land stewardship in Montana. Wood-fired cooking and music will be the central attractions, along with camping in a beautiful setting nestled on a 1000-acre property between Helmville and Ovando, Montana.


One of the main focuses of our festival is wood-fired cooking.  The food will be a celebration of the different breeds of animals that Old Salt’s Co-op producers provide. allow guests to explore the landscape at their own pace while enjoying Beef, Pork, Sheep and chicken all prepared using a variety of open fire cooking techniques to provide an eating experience that is truly one of a kind. We understand that Fire control and aggressive management of this style of cooking is critical to the success of the event.  We plan to engage the local volunteer fire department to assist in our fire safety plan and will have fire safety protocols in place. 

Rather than bright lights and big production, we are aiming for a much more intimate and acoustic feel, with several smaller stages and even a campfire setting.

We will  begin promotion  of the festival by August 2022 and plan to host ticketing sales through the Festival Page of our website at

We plan to provide one car camping space with the price of a festival Ticket. Additionally we plan to offer a higher end camping experience in a more private setting in canvas tent set-up provided by Wild Productions based out of Bozeman, MT for an additional cost to the base festival ticket price.

Wildlife are part of the attraction! At the same time, we acknowledge they (especially griz) create a unique challenge for our team as we prepare a food storage safety plan that will allow us to minimize any chance of negative encounters with wildlife for guests and staff alike.  We have begun those  conversations and plan to create a protocol for all storage of food in bear safe containers. We plan to have a similar protocol for all garbage, recycling and compost streams resulting from festival activities. We plan to have bear spray available to our team and are prepared to deploy electric fencing wherever necessary.  We will work closely with the Blackfoot Challenge on many of these issues.